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Yuval Salomon is an Israeli pianist, arranger and composer. She started playing the piano in 3rd grade during keyboard lessons at school. Then, moved to private piano lessons and graduated with honors in music at high school. During her army service, she started uploading her own arrangements for known songs and classical performances through cinematic videos, which has gained more than 40,000,000 views and 270,000 subscribers from all over the world.

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Here you can watch some of my YouTube videos. Subscribe my channel for more!

Sheet Music
Now you can learn some of my arrangements yourself!

3_We Are The Champions_Yuval Salomon_Page_1
In The End_Yuval Salomon_Page_1
Dance Monkey_Yuval Salomon_Page_1
November Rain_Yuval Salomon_Page_01
A Thousand Years_Yuval Salomon_Page_01
ALL OF ME Yuval Salomon_Page_01
3 Sweet Child O' Mine Yuval Salomon_Page_01
he's a pirate
Bohemian Rhapsody by Yuval Salomon
Numb by Yuval Salomon_Page_1

Here you can learn some of my best arrangements through Synthesia videos!

Learn to play piano

Learn To Play The Piano!


Have you always wanted to start playing OR improve your playing significantly?
So - This is (in my opinion) the BEST website to for you!

The website is intended to give all pianists (from beginner to advanced) expert advice on interpretation, phrasing, and more. In addition to the hundreds of video tutorials on theory, repertoire and technique (some of them are for FREE!), it also offers lives masterclasses where you have the opportunity to play forothers and get live feedback and a great experienece!
You have 7 days trial - what are you waiting for? (:
Good luck ♥ Yuval


Visit my Instagram for more! @yuvalsalomon

Support Me

Support Me

If you love what I do, show your support and become a big part of my process!
This money will help me to keep making awesome videos, upgrade my equipment and of course hold future concerts! :)
All my supporters will be featured in the end of my videos ♥


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