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Especially for the holidays and towards the new year, I decided to GIVEAWAY my own digital piano! Check out my new video and follow the steps in chance to win!


Giveaway Terms and Conditions

These terms are attributed to Yuval Salomon's giveaway on a digital piano, which was published in the above videos:

YouTube -

Instagram - 

Facebook -

The prize for the winner of the giveaway is a used Yamaha Clavinova CLP 330 digital piano.

Any person of any age and from any country who has taken all the steps below and agreed to the terms and conditions, can participate in the giveaway.

Participation in the giveaway

To enter the giveaway, the participant must do the following steps:

* Instagram: Giveaway Post 
(i) tag 3 friends in the comment section of the Giveaway Post; (ii) share the Giveaway Post on his Instagram story, tagging @yuvalsalomon; (iii) follow Yuval Salomon's Instagram account (@yuvalsalomon); (iv) like the post


* In addition / in case the participant doesn't have an Instagram account:
YouTube: Giveaway Video
(i) subscribe Yuval Salomon's channel ( and push the bell; (ii) like the Giveaway Video; (iii) comment that you have done and leave an email address for contact.


* To increase the chances of winning, the participant can enter on Facebook as well:
Facebook: Giveaway Post
(i) like & follow Yuval Salomon's page (; (ii) like the Giveaway Post; (iii) tag 3 friends in the comment section of the Giveaway Post; (iv) share the Giveaway Post on his Facebook Profile


Giveaway period and winner announcement

* The giveaway starts on 25/12/2020 17:00 IST and ends on 20/01/2021 23:59 IST.

* The winner will be announced by Yuval Salomon through her social media.

* The person in charge of the giveaway  reserves the right to change and / or extend and / or shorten the giveaway period and / or cancel it at any time at its sole discretion and will not take into consideration any claim in this regard.

The giveaway method and the realization of the prize

* The person in charge of the giveaway will raffle out of the total number of participants of the giveaway . The raffle is computerized and done randomly.

* After raffling the winner, the person in charge of the giveaway will work to locate the winner with the data in his possession to give notice of his winning the raffle.

* After locating the winner, he will be given a private message regarding the realization of the win. No need to ask about your winning.

* In case the winner will not be located / will not respond to the message within 24 hours / will not agree to the winning agreement, the person in charge of the giveaway may raffle another winner.

* The winner will be asked to sign an agreement before sending the prize and publishing its name.

* The delivery of the piano to the winner will be funded by the deliverer up to the amount of 1000 USD including the delivery insurance. Beyond that and any additional cost (tax, fees, etc.) is the winner's / recipient's responsibility.

* There will be no complaints to the participants about the choice of the winner and / or whether they did not win.

General Conditions

* By participating in the giveaway, the participant agrees that he has read the terms and that he accepts them. Even if he has not read the terms, the participant agrees that this policy will apply to him and he is obliged to everything.

* Participants, including the winner, will not have any claim or right in connection with the change of the giveaway conditions and / or actions taken by the person in charge of the giveaway due to a malfunction and / or mistake as stated above and / or in connection with any direct and / or indirect damage caused for them.

* The participant agrees, hereby, declares and undertakes that he exempts the person in charge of the giveaway and / or Yuval Salomon from any claim and / or demand regarding the prize and / or its realization.

Piano Giveaway!

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